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Calculate Tax Return
2017 - 2018

When tax season rolls around you can calculate tax return liability FREE with our online tax calculator to determine what size of chunk our old buddy Uncle Sam is going to take out of your hide, or, if your lucky, how big your refund will be.

Calculate tax returns online for free this tax season to help you prepare for your tax return filing. Our tax return calculator will only take a few minutes to use to estimate your taxes due or to calculate tax refund amount you will be getting back from the IRS.

Note: this is an estimator, for more accurate results use the TurboTax or H&R Block calculator links above for FREE and accurate calculations.

Calculate Tax Return Refund

With just some basic figures you can get a good picture of your IRS tax obligation before you even start to prepare your tax return. Once you know where you are financially with your tax return you can then make a much wiser decision on when you need to start your online tax return preparation.

If you have deductions, try one of the free TurboTax or HR Block tax calculation links above to calculate tax return liability more accurately. These professional calculation tools are extremely accurate since they take all fanatical details into consideration including deductions, exemptions, credits and benefits that may apply to your personal tax filing situation.

I always calculate my tax return ahead of time so that I can relax knowing what I have to deal with by the tax filing due date. It gets me focused on meeting my financial obligation instead of worrying about what it is...

The good news here is that it is much simpler than it has ever been to determine how much you will be getting back from Uncle Sam, or how much you owe the IRS. When it comes time to determine what your tax liability is, it can be done in just a couple of simple steps.

Most tax refund calculators will require some basic information that can be applied anonymously without implying who you are, like your age, your filing status (alone, or jointly with a spouse), your disability situation, and other non identifying factors. You will also need to note how many children are living in your home as dependents under the age of 17, and be aware of the number of exemptions you plan to take.

Start by determining your filing status for the year, as well as the total taxable income that you have earned over the past tax year. These are the main factors used to determine the amount owed or being refunded come tax time in April.

Tax returns themselves are a key part of the countries economic well-being. Her is how to proceed with your tax calculation and filing.

  1. Federal Online Tax Return PreparationGather all your tax information including last year's tax return, W-2's, or 1099 forms as well as tax deduction papers  and investment information.

  2. Determine how much your adjusted gross income is and what forms you will need to use. This will help in determining your tax software edition.

  3. Enter your financial information and let the tax software do the math for you as you go. All you have to do is answer the series of questions and get the information from your W-2 forms and other records needed for preparing and filing your return.

  4. You will need to enter additional information, such as your exemptions, standard or itemized deductions, number of dependants, your taxable income, or the amount of adjusted gross income. You software will be able to calculate your tax return for you as you proceed.

  5. Submit your tax return to the IRS online electronically by using e-file.

  6. Get your tax refund through direct deposit into your bank account. Direct deposit is the fastest and safest way to get your refund. Plus, you can track your refund status within 72 hours to see when it will arrive.

  7. If you owe more taxes, you can pay electronically. Simply authorize an electronic funds withdrawal, or pay with your credit or debit card, or even enroll in the US Treasury Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

Remember that itemized deductions are a big part of reducing tax debt. These can include several different areas of taxation including:

  • Mortgage Interest: You can in most cases deduct mortgage interest you pay on your home during the year, and portions of a deductible home equity loan.

  • Contributions: Charitable contributions like deductible cash and non-cash deductible donations for the year are a good way to lower your tax bill. These are all important factors that help calculate tax return liability.

  • Medical expenses and education offer deductible options as well.


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